Outdoor Hour Challenge – Turkey

Outdoor Hour Challenge Bird Study Turkeys @handbookofnaturestudyOutdoor Hour Challenge

Bird Study – Turkeys

“The gobbler is the most vainglorious bird known to us; when he struts to show his flock of admiring hens how beautiful he is, he lowers his wings and spreads the stiff primary quills until their tips scrape the ground, lifting meanwhile into a semi-circular fan his beautiful tail feathers, he protrudes his chest, and raises the iridescent plumage of his neck like a ruff to make a background against which he throws back his red, white, and blue decorated head.” Handbook of Nature Study

Inside Preparation Work:

Outdoor Hour Time:

  • Before you go outdoors, check the range map for wild turkeys on All About Birds. Then, read the “Find This Bird” information that explains how to increase your chances of seeing a wild turkey.
  • If you have a wooded spot to walk this week, take the opportunity to spend some autumn nature study time exploring. Look for anything that catches your interest, perhaps taking along a small notebook to note the items and a camera to make a record of the item for future reference.
  • The most important thing for any nature study challenge is to go outdoors for even just fifteen minutes. You may wish to complete the November World notebook page after your nature walk.  There is also an autumn bird notebook page available in this download: Autumn Notebook Pages.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create a nature journal entry for the wild turkey or another autumn bird that you observed for this challenge. Make sure to check the “birds” tab on the website to see if there is a challenge for the bird you chose as an alternative to the turkey.
  • Advanced Study: Learn about raising turkeys in your backyard and record your information in your nature journal. Be sure to include: types of turkeys, food, shelter, and any other pertinent information. Here is a link to get you started: Raising Turkeys at Home.

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