Once a Month Nature Journal – Wish List

Once a Month Nature Journal Project Wish List @handboofnaturestudy

Once a Month Journal Project – December 2015

Create a wish list in your nature journal!

It is the time of year when many of use are reflecting on the past year’s activities and creating goals or wishlists for the up-coming year. I have found over the past years that having a goals list has reminded me of things that I want to accomplish. Keeping a list is a motivating factor for many of us so this month’s Once a Month Nature Journal Project assignment is to create a wishlist in your journal that outlines things you are excited to do in the up-coming year in your nature study. Some people call this a “bucket list” but I am leaning towards calling it a wish list….

Wish: To want, desire, long for, yearn for.

It not only helps you keep organized and reminds you of things you would like to do, it will help you personalize your nature study experiences. Asking your children to create their own nature related wish list in their nature journal will help you to plan your nature study time in a way that helps your children realize their desires.

Nature Journal Page Ideas for your wish list:

  • Make a list of the Outdoor Hour Challenges you would love to complete in the near future. Add it to your nature journal.
  • List places you want to visit: hiking trails, parks, beaches, nature centers, vacation spots.
  • Create a list of birds or other living things you want to study in the coming months.
  • Write a list of topics you want to research at your library or on the internet.
  • Illustrate your wishlist with sketches or images you have printed out in a small size.
  • Make a list of nature related activities you wish your children to experience. Here is an example of a wish list: Kid’s Nature Bucket List.
  • Make a list of nature photos you would like to take.

Don’t miss this! I have created a Pinterest Board for journal page examples. I will label each entry with the prompt that describes it best for future reference.

Previous Month’s Ideas:

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February- Nature Journal Out Your Window

March – Use Numbers

April – Collections

May – Signs

June - Sketch Outdoors

July – Using Your 5 Senses

August – Make a List

September - Colors!

October – Maps

November – Trace an Item

If you would like to contribute to the board, you will need to follow this Pinterest Board and then leave me a comment letting me know you want to be added. Important: If you contribute to the board, you need to include in your description the prompt it is featuring.

Sample: Our The Window Nature Journal

If you don’t include a description using one of the monthly journal prompts, I may remove it. This is not a board to post general nature journal pages. It is strictly for pages created using one of the twelve monthly prompts as part of this project.

Please note that you are not committed to make a journal each month…participate as you can and share your results to encourage others.
Once a Month Nature Journal Project @handbookofnaturestudy


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