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Once a Month Nature Journal Project Sketch the Parts @handbookofnaturestudy

Once a Month Journal Project – June 2016


Sketching is not something that comes easily for many of us. It may be what is holding you back from actually getting started with your nature journal. I am hoping that this month’s nature journal idea will help you see that just starting small may be the trick that helps you put that sketch down on paper and in your journal. Take a small part of the subject and draw it as best you can…use pencil first if that helps. (See the end of this entry for a link to another entry for additional thoughts on getting the drawing thing going in your nature journal.)

Nature Journal Page Ideas

  • Plants: Draw the leaf, the seed, the shape of the flower, or just even one petal if that helps you get started.
  • Birds: Sketch the feet, the beak, egg, or the feather.
  • Trees: Draw a close up of the bark, a leaf, or the fruit/nut.
  • Insect: Draw the wing.
  • Mammals: Eyes, ears, tracks, paws, or fur color.

You get the idea. Take the larger subject and just focus on one part to create the nature journal entry. Make sure to add a caption!

Don’t miss this! I have created a Pinterest Board for journal page examples. I will label each entry with the prompt that describes it best for future reference.

If you would like to contribute to the board, you will need to follow this Pinterest Board and then leave me a comment letting me know you want to be added. Important: If you contribute to the board, you need to include in your description the prompt it is featuring.

Sample: Our The Window Nature Journal

If you don’t include a description using one of the monthly journal prompts, I may remove it. This is not a board to post general nature journal pages. It is strictly for pages created using one of the monthly prompts as part of this project.
Please note that you are not committed to make a journal each month…participate as you can and share your results to encourage others.

Once a Month Nature Journal Project @handbookofnaturestudy

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This entry may help you get over your fear of drawing. I invite you to click over and read this for additional ideas: Drawing and Your Nature Journal.

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