Outdoor Hour Challenge – My Backyard at Night 2016

Outdoor Hour Challenge My Backyard at Night @handbookofnaturestudy

My Backyard at Night – 2016
Archive Challenge

Let’s take a look at our backyards at night…or in the evening! We have had high temperatures during the day so getting outside for our normal nature hikes has been difficult. But, in the evenings we venture outside to enjoy the cooler air and the world that fills the evenings. We can watch the sunset, spy bats in the air, hear the crickets start to chirp, or just sit and enjoy the peace.

I invite you to join us this week for a focused look at your own backyard at night. Here is a link to an archive challenge that has a free printable notebook page and some other resources for you to use: Backyard at Night.


You don’t have to camp out all night to enjoy a little evening nature study! Even if you just take a few minutes to look for stars and the moon, your children may build a memory!


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