Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – August 2016 Snails!

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Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter

August 2016 – Invertebrate Study – Snails


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Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter August 2016

Contents of this edition of the newsletter include:

  • We are going to learn more about snails this month with the newsletter ideas, links, and printables.
  • August Nature Study Planning Page with field trip ideas, nature photo ideas, and a special 15 minute challenge for parents.
  • Snail Study printable notebook page which can be used as a nature journal topper as well.
  • Plus as a bonus, I am including the Wildflower Study Grid and Bookmark printable page from a few months ago as an alternative nature study activity for the month of August.

Resources for your Nature Library: I have started to build a nature library store on Amazon that will feature by category my favorite nature study books and resources. Take a look and see if there is anything you would like to put on your wish list for your family’s nature study library: Handbook of Nature Study Nature Library Suggestions on Amazon.com. Note this is my affiliate store to items I personally recommend and have read or seen in person.

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Need help getting started with your nature study using the Handbook of Nature Study? Check out the fresh “Getting Started” page here on the website!

Autumn 2016 Plans!

I know everyone is anxious to hear the plans for the newsletter and the Outdoor Hour Challenge for the up-coming school year. I will be posting all of the exciting plans soon! As a preview, this autumn we will be revisiting the More Nature Study – Autumn ebook in its entirety starting in September. Click the button below for a detailed list of topics studied in this series of Outdoor Hour Challenges.

More Nature Study AutumnThis ebook is included in the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership!


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    I have signed up for the newsletter and 10 challenges. When I open the newsletter, I’m only able to access the first page. How do I see the other pages?
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    • Barb McCoy says:

      I’m not sure what is happening with the newsletter. Did you receive the follow up email after subscribing with the newsletter link inside of it?

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