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Weekly Nature Journal Project 2017

For several years I have created and shared with you a nature study goals list as a way to fuel my love for the outdoors and reach for things that I thought would inspire me to be outdoors more. I love to learn about the natural world, both close to home and when we travel. The list of goals got me out the door. In that aspect, the goals were always a success.

Keeping track of the particular goals here on the blog made me accountable. As the end of a quarter would roll around, I would post an update showing what had been accomplished. But try as I may, there were always things I had on my list year after year and they never were checked off as “done” and I felt a sense of defeat.  Something was wrong. I needed to rethink my way of looking at the goals because I want to feel good about the experience and not feel that I had left something undone.

This year when I sat down to create a list of goals for 2017, I decided to focus my efforts on creating a nature journal record that I felt good about at at the end of December. I dream of looking back through the pages and not only see some beautiful sketches and images but also reading about the things I have learned and observed.

2017 Nature Study Goals @handbookofnaturestudy

Read my goals by clicking above.

I am excited about my new goal of creating at least one page in my nature journal a week.

It feels right.

I’m still planning on getting outdoors or I won’t have anything to put in my journal. We have several trips planned this year and they will fuel my nature journal as well. Plus with the up-coming new wildflowers ebook (due in the member’s library sometime in March), I will be adding my wildflower experiences in there as well. More on my method of keeping track of my weekly journal entries in next month’s entry.

Without further ado, here are some of my pages so far.


Nature Journal Pages January (1)I wanted to start off the year right with a page that kept my goals right in front of me, right in the beginning of my journal. This page is nothing fancy but it will serve as a reminder to focus on and create a journal I will be proud of.

Nature Journal Pages January (2)This is a page I created using the printable nature journal topper from the January 2017 newsletter. I am determined to use the prompts, ideas, and suggestions from my own newsletter this year and show you how they can lead to a simple but meaningful study of something close to home. My backyard right now is in hibernation with all the wet and cold weather we have had. But, with a little effort I found 3 things of interest to share in my journal.

Handbook of Nature Study Nature Journal January (1)I shared a little bit about this page in my Outdoor Mom’s Journal this month. It was a huge stretch for me to try to draw and paint the lichen I found but using the ideas in the Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling to get me going with some more detailed pages.

Handbook of Nature Study Nature Journal January (2)Here is another attempt to draw something in detail on my page. I had been outside looking at my dogwood tree and although it appears to be bare, I found all of the buds just opening up and admired the pinkish color that you can see when you look closely. I am making a note to draw this tree in every season.

Handbook of Nature Study Nature Journal January (3)This is a page that got out of hand. I started with the simple sketch of the titmouse and then added the icons from the All About Birds website. This idea actually came from someone I follow on Instagram (scratchmadejournal). Then, what was I thinking with the watercolor? The lesson is that some pages will not be my favorite and they show the room I have to grow. I hope that by the end of the year I will see my pages mature a bit and I will be more in control of the process.

It is a starting point.

See more nature journal ideas on my Nature Journal Page!

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  1. As always, Barb, you inspire and encourage me! I love the simplicity of your goal page idea!

  2. Great post Barb! I love looking at other people’s journals, it’s always inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are definitely an inspiration! It is funny that you don’t like the Titmouse page as much, because I thought the watercolor was a cool idea and set the titmouse off nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing your updates.


    • Barb McCoy says:

      The watercolor just sort of took over the page. I think it is because it is brown…so next time I’m going to use a more opaque shade and probably like it a whole lot better. Gotta remember…no mistakes!

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