Outdoor Hour Challenges- Spring Observations

Outdoor Hour Challenge Spring Observations @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Spring Splendor Walk from the Archives and the More Nature Study Spring Ebook

Use the links above to find a variety of ideas for making spring observations with your children. We originally called this challenge the “Spring Splendor Walk” because it aimed to open your eyes to what early spring looks like in your very own neighborhood. You need to use all your senses and then create a nature journal entry using some of the suggestions given in the challenge.

There’s even a Spring Nature Walk Senses Scavenger Hunt printable included in the archive challenge!

Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Get Outside!

More Nature Study Book 3 Cover image

From the Forward of the More Nature Study – Spring Ebook:

“Nature study using the Outdoor Hour Challenge aims to introduce you to your own backyard and neighborhood, seeking out the things that interest your children. I invite you to get to know your child’s special area of interest and to build from there a foundation of knowledge and experience outdoors. Using the Outdoor Hour Challenges, my own family has been enriched with a love of nature, a bond with each other, and lots of wonderful memories of seasons past.”


Ultimate Naturalist Library June 2016 @handbookofnaturestudy

If your family would like to use this ebook in its entirety, you can find it in the Ultimate Naturalist Library (contains all 18 ebooks I have written).

Here are the topics included in this particular ebook:
Spring Weather, Spring Tree (buds, catkins, and blossoms), Robin, Buttercups and Poppies, Ferns, Dogwood, Goats, Vines (Sweet peas, dodder, hedge bindweed), Garden snails, and Iris.






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