Outdoor Hour Challenge – Garden Snails

Outdoor Hour Challenge Snail Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Garden Snail Study

From the archives and the More Nature Study – Spring ebook

“Perchance if those who speak so glibly of a ‘snail’s pace’ should study it, they would not sneer at it, for, carefully observed, it seems to be one of the most wonderful methods of locomotion ever devised by animal….The snail carries his dwelling with him, and retires within it in time of danger. He can climb on any smooth surface.”

Handbook of Nature Study

Use the ideas in the link above to learn more about garden snails from the Handbook of Nature Study. There are so many interesting things to learn about snails and nearly all of us have access to snails for an up close study. Make sure to watch the videos linked in the original challenge!

Hope you have a fun week of nature study!

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Note to Ultimate and Journey level members on the Handbook of Nature Study: You have access to the August 2016 newsletter that had the theme: Invertebrates-Snails. Make sure to download and use the ideas in that newsletter to supplement your snail study!


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