Outdoor Hour Challenge – Henbit Study

Outdoor Hour challenge henbit @handbookofnaturestudy

Image credit: Miltos Gikas

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Henbit Nature Study – Wildflower Set #2

Inside Preparation:

  • Henbit (Laminum amplexicaule) is a fairly common wildflower in North America. See the range map here: USDA Henbit.
  • You may wish to read this page: Henbit on Edible Wild Food. Please note that I do not encourage the eating of any plants covered in this ebook.
  • Use internet sources to research henbit. Ebook users look at page 7 for a list of suggestions.

Outdoor Hour Time:

Look for henbit alongside roads, in lawns, pastures, or gardens. Bloom time is early spring to late fall.

  • Observe henbit if possible but any of the related plants would be a wonderful alternative study, especially purple dead nettle. You can tell the difference between the plants by looking at the leaves. Henbit’s are heart shaped and dead nettle leaves are more triangular.
  • Make careful observations using the suggestions in this ebook if you have access to it.
  • Another name for henbit is giraffe head. Which name do you like better?

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create a notebook page for henbit using the page provided in the ebook or in your nature journal. There is also a coloring page for henbit in the ebook.
  • Start a mint family notebook page. Keep a running list of flowers you observe and/or study in this plant family.
  • Advanced study: This website has a comparison of three similar plants that you may wish to consult: Identify That Plant. Create a nature journal page that includes descriptions of each of the featured plants: Creeping Charlie, purple dead nettle, and henbit.


OHC Wildflower Set 2 @handbookofnaturestudy

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