Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly nature Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Monarch Butterflies

From the Archives and from the More Nature Study – Summer ebook

The monarch butterfly is an amazing creation. It is such a quintessential butterfly, easily recognized by its brilliant orange and black accented wings. It may appear to be fragile, but just learning about how hard this butterfly works at keeping the life cycle going makes you realize it is a mighty creature. The distances it flies to find its perfect host plant, the milkweed, is a story all in itself.

Use the ideas in the archive challenge to learn more about the monarch and then look for it in your garden or neighborhood this summer.

You may also wish to complete a milkweed study alongside the monarch butterfly study because they are so intertwined in their life stories.

Be sure to create a nature journal page to follow up your study.

Monarch butterfly garden

You can read about our monarch study here in this entry: Family Monarch Study.

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