Outdoor Hour Challenge – Cow Parsnip Flower Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge Cow parsnip @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Cow Parsnip Nature Study – from the Wildflower Set #2

Inside Preparation:

  • Learn all you can about this interesting plant that is common in North America (Heracleum maximum). USDA Cow Parsnip (range) and  Cow Parsnip—Herculeum.
  • This website has awesome images and lots of information: Cow Parsnip.
  • Use the chart on page 7 of the ebook to look up cow parsnip in the suggested resources.

Outdoor Hour Time:

Look for cow parsnip in moist soil in meadows, along streams, and along roads. Look in full sun or partial shade. Bloom time is anywhere from February through September.

  • This plant is easy to identify once you study its traits. Use the observation suggestions in this challenge to make a careful examination of the cow parsnip.
  • Advanced study: Look for the anise swallowtail butterfly near your cow parsnip since it is the host plant for the larvae.

Follow-Up Activity:

  • Create a nature journal entry using the suggestions in the ebook if you have access to it. There is a custom notebook page and coloring page in the ebook for you to use if you wish.
  • Start a parsley family notebook page and add any plants you observe in this family to the list over time.
  • Advanced study: Research the origin of the Latin name for this plant.
  • Advanced study: Learn abut the relationship between the Anise swallowtail butterfly and the cow parsnip.


OHC Wildflower Set 2 @handbookofnaturestudy

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