From the Archives: Struggling with Consistency and Focus

Nature+Study+Consistency+and+Focus+button.jpgStruggling With Consistency and Focus

From the Archives: This is one of my favorite posts for encouraging new and struggling families with their nature study plans. The thoughts expressed by one of my readers reflect a common struggle that many people have and email me about often.

The reader posed this dilemma:

She shared that she has a hard time focusing (on nature study), was easily distracted by really good ideas, and felt that she needed to cover academic subjects first while she had the children’s attention.

In this post from my archives, I address this situation with some practical advice using the Outdoor Hour Challenge (specifically challenges 1-3).

I invite you to click over and read the entry and see if you find something there that encourages you as the new school year begins or maybe something in the post will stimulate you to give nature study a chance.

Let me know if you have any questions or additional comments.

This is what I encourage you to remember if nothing else:

Nurture a love of the outdoors and the interesting things you find there with your children as they are growing up. Train their eyes to see what is there in front of them….stop and look and listen. These are skills that will make them happier people and better students in all areas.

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