Outdoor Hour Challenge – Seasonal Tree and Leaves

Autumn Tree Observations Leaves @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Seasonal Tree Study and Autumn Leaves

From the Archives and from the Autumn 2010 ebook

Oh how I love this time of year and its colorful trees and shrubs! This week we can all enjoy a closer look at the leaves that make those autumn-colored landscapes. Our family has enjoyed this leaf comparing Outdoor Hour Challenge in past years because it brings into focus the individuality of each tree’s leaves.

Here is a sample of the activities suggested in the challenge linked above:

Compare Leaves from Two Different Trees
• Leaf shape and leaf margins.
• Leaf arrangement on the stem.
• Leaf color, texture, and size. (You can measure if you wish.)

This leaf study will lead very easily to a nature journal entry. You may wish to gather a few leaves to bring inside for a little journaling time. Give your children the option of using whatever art supplies they wish to use to create a meaningful nature journal entry of their own.  If you own the Autumn 2010 ebook, there is a notebooking page for you to use in comparing two leaves for your nature journal follow up time.

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