January Planning Page and Member’s Printables

January 2018 Nature Planning Page-Print out your own copy here!

Now that there is no longer a newsletter with a planning page, I decided that I am creating a printable page for you to use instead. Keep track of the month’s Outdoor Hour Challenge topics, be inspired to create a nature journal page, jot down notes for future study, and use the list of archived suggestions to go deeper into a particular topic.

January 2018 Nature Planning   Page

Download your copy here:January 2018 Nature study Planner Page


Printables for Members Button
New printables are now posted in the Member’s library!

Members have access to several brand new printable notebook pages.

1. Subnivean Zone: All new notebook page for a special winter time study of the subnivean zone. Look for a post on this topic here on the blog.

2. Mammal Notebook Pages – Set of four: Use these pages to make a study of the Rocky Mountain elk, the black bear, the coyote, and the white-tail deer. Each animal has a set of three pages to use for various ages.


Print a complete list of printables available to Members for easy reference: Printables for Members

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