Outdoor Hour Challenge – Winter Sky Study


Outdoor Hour Challenge

Winter Sky

From the Archives and the Winter Wednesday ebook

We are very much looking forward to completing this challenge here in Oregon. We happen to live near a small observatory and we have plans to view the night sky through their telescopes. Make some plans of your own to get outside one night soon with your children to use the ideas in the challenge linked above. Keep it simple and dress appropriately and you’ll be sure to have success!

“After the polar constellations are learned, we are then ready for further study in the still earlier evenings of winter, when the clear atmosphere makes the stars seem more alive, more sparkling, and more beautiful than at any other period of the year.”
Handbook of Nature Study, page 823

If you’re interested in seeing how our family completed this challenge, here’s a blog entry from the archives: Our Winter Sky Studies.

Winter Wednesday Night Sky NB Page

If you have access to the Winter Wednesday ebook in the Ultimate Naturalist Library, there’s a custom notebook page and a printable sheet for using with the constellations.

Winter Wednesday ebook NOtebook pages

Join us for the Winter Wednesday series of challenges here every FRIDAY. You can find them under the winter tab on the blog or if you have an Ultimate Naturalist Library membership, you can find the ebook there for downloading.

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