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Nature Book Club – June

Nature Hike – At Sundown!

Welcome to the latest edition of the Nature Book Club link-up! This month the theme is NATURE HIKE and I’m going to share my favorite summer time nature hike idea that happens at sundown! It’s a truly magical time of the day to be out on the trail or just in your own backyard watching, listening, and experiencing this special time of day. You’ll find my nature book selection below, Discover Nature at Sundown, along with a fantastic idea for taking a nature walk in the evenings.

Nature Book Club Nature Hike

Take a Nature Hike at Sundown

Discover Nature at Sundown by Elizabeth P. Lawlor is a book that our family has used for many years. When my children were younger, we would pull it off the shelf every summer to use as a reference and as a source of nature study ideas. I even wrote an entire ebook that features Discover Nature at Sundown and its topics, which you can find referenced below (Summer Series of Outdoor Hour Challenges).

Discover Nature at Sundown

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Here are some of the main topics in this book: owls, frogs, moths, fireflies, bats, opossums, raccoons, and skunks. There’s a little something for everyone’s taste! Dissect an owl pellet, try to entice moths to your nature hike, chase a firefly, listen for crickets, or hunt for traces of raccoons and opossums.  My strategy was always to complete an entire in-depth study from this book each summer. Over time, your family will have covered a lot of interesting topics in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

Discover nature at sundown

For those of you that keep nature journals, you’ll be happy to note that the illustrations and charts are all very well done and our family would often copy them into our nature journals for future reference. The black and white line drawings are simple enough to inspire even the most reluctant nature journaler.

Discover nature at sundown

The ideas in this book will help you use your senses during your nature study to learn more about each of the topics. These skills are so useful in all scientific study but especially so for nature study. Plus, using all your senses is lots of fun! The book will help you with ideas for honing these skills and explain how we can enhance our natural senses.

5 senses sunset walk

5 Senses at Sunset Nature Walk – A Fun Way to Work on Using Our Senses

Summer evenings are a cooler time of day for getting outside with your children. The after dinner hours are still light enough that taking a nature walk is a possibility. We often would go on a dinner picnic at a lake and then take a long walk in the evening air. There would still be plenty of things to observe, including a delightful sunset, the chirping of crickets, the song of the robin, the breeze in the treetops, and the buzz of mosquitoes.

Your nature walk doesn’t need to be a long one and you can adjust the time of day and length to fit your particular family. For a first outing, plan on 15-20 minutes and then see how it goes. If you can encourage your children to walk silently, even for just a minute, they are going to get more out of the experience. As your children are able, try to spend longer periods of silence as you listen for any signs of life during your outdoor time.


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