Outdoor Hour Challenge #1 – Summer Edition

Getting Started Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook

Nature Study in the Summer – Getting Started

Outdoor Hour Challenge #1

Revisited Summer 2018

From the Archives and from the Getting Started Ebook


This is the easiest of all nature study challenges because it really is just getting outside with your children for 15 minutes to enjoy your time together. Take a walk in your neighborhood, a park, or even just your own backyard. Keep it simple and make sure to use the suggestions for following up on any interest found during your outdoor time.

I realize for many families it is very hot during the afternoons at this time of year, but this challenge can be done at any time of the day. It might be fun to take an early morning walk or an evening walk.

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Getting Started Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook

If you have access to the Getting Started ebook, there is a custom notebook page that you can use if you wish or a number of blank pages you can print and use instead.

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The Getting Started ebook is included in all levels of membership here on the Handbook of Nature Study, including the Discover Level.

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Need some inspiration to get started? I invite you to read this entry: How Our Family Got Started with Nature Study

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