Outdoor Hour Challenge #10 Summer Picnic

And here we are at the very last Outdoor Hour Challenge in the summer version of the Getting Started series! These challenges were designed for you to use as you begin your nature study adventure. But, you can use them over and over again if you want to keep your nature study plan simple. There’s a variety of notebooking pages in the Getting Started with the Outdoor Hour Challenges ebook so you could actually use a different one each time you complete a particular challenge.

Want an even simpler nature study plan?

I’ve suggested in the past using the first three challenges multiple times as the basis of a super simple nature study plan. You can read my thoughts on that idea here: Consistency and Focus.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Summer Picnic @handbookofnaturestudy

Outdoor Hour Challenge #10 – Summer Picnic

From the Archives and from the Getting Started Ebook

I love eating outside with my family, especially in the summertime. This week’s Outdoor Hour Challenge encourages you to share a meal outside with your children. Keep it simple as far as food selections and location. Even if all you do is put a few things in a bag, grab a blanket, and then spread it all out on your own backyard lawn, I’m sure you and your children will enjoy the fresh air and the time spent outdoors sharing a meal.

Our family looks back fondly on the meals we shared outside in the summertime on our back deck. It made us slow down a bit and take notice of the things that happen outside like clouds floating by, birds chirping, and trees swaying in the breeze. We watched loads of sunsets and I remember a few times being sprinkled on by a passing late afternoon thunderstorm.

With just a little effort, the meals eaten outdoors can create a family tradition.

Summer Nature Study Tip

Purchase some inexpensive, unbreakable dinnerware and reusable utensils. Make sure you have a small ice chest and some cooler packs to pop into your freezer. Gather a blanket or camping chairs to leave in your garage for those last minute excursions to the park for a picnic. Make sure to bring your nature journal and some pencils so you can create a nature journal page if the opportunity arises during or after your picnic.

What to do After You Complete the First Ten Challenges?

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Keep your nature studies rolling after the first ten challenges by joining us in our weekly nature study activities using the Handbook of Nature Study. Each week there will be a suggested Outdoor Hour Challenge for your family.

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