Outdoor Hour Challenge – Winter Small Square


Winter may not seem the best time to start a small square study but it’s not impossible. Someone asked in the original challenge how to complete this study when there’s a lot of snow on the ground and here is my response:

“I know when we have snow we shovel a path from the door to the street. Perhaps extend that path a little out into an area where there is dirt underneath. I would also try to get to an area that’s under a tree, since up next to the tree there’s usually a little space between the snow and the tree trunk.”

One family commented this after completing the Winter Small Square Study:

“We had an hour that we needed to be out of the house, and this seemed like an easy way to dive back into outdoor hour challenges after hibernating most of the winter. Thanks for changing my attitude (once again) about getting outside. This is do-able!”

Winter Small Square Nature Study

Make sure to click the link above to read the entire Outdoor Hour Challenge with helpful links, nature study ideas, and suggested follow-up activities.

Winter Nature Study ebook @handbookofnaturestudy

Please note this challenge is found in the Winter Series ebook, included in the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership. Log into your membership and scroll down to the ebook download link.

Included in the ebook, there’s a custom notebook page for this challenge.

Have you ever seen the One Small Square books from Donald Silver? I own the whole series and we’ve used them numerous times in our nature study. My boys loved the illustrations and I appreciated the simple activities suggested in each book. Check them out at your local public library or online at Amazon.

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