Nature Goals 2019- 1st Quarter Update

Nature Goals 2019  1st Quarter Update

  1. Use the Outdoor Hour Challenge topics to stimulate my interest in my local habitat and help to build my skills as a naturalist. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Outdoor Hour Challenges during the first quarter. Here are links to my favorite challenges: Our Winter Willow Observations – Buds, Galls, and Beavers
  2. Keep a detailed record of my nature observations.  I’m keeping up with my daily nature journal notes and it’s always amazing to me that I have something to write about each day. It’s made me be more aware of the many interesting things that happen right in my own yard and neighborhood. My personal nature journal is going well and there are lots of pages completed already. If you read my Nature Observer entries each month here on my blog, you’ll see the pages as I complete them.
  3. Hiking and Kayaking. We haven’t really been able to do either of these activities yet but this coming quarter should be much better weather and trail conditions for us. I’m anxious to get back in my kayak after the river ice melts. (insert a photo of the the icy river)
  4. Read nature related books this year. I’m sorry to say I haven’t read any books yet. I’m going to do something about that this month!

I still think it’s a worthwhile activity to make and work towards nature goals each year. Even though I didn’t quite live up to my goals this past quarter, I’ll make some adjustments to do a better job over the next few months. I’ve had a lot of family obligations in February and March that have kept me from spending as much time outdoors as I would like. I am not going to be discouraged!

I’m doing much better physically with my recovery from my bilateral hip surgery last October. I can walk a great distance and my strength is coming back. I started swimming at my physical therapy and that is really bumping up my stamina. With renewed vigor, I’ll hopefully hit May and June this year with a new ability to hike and kayak to my heart’s content.

How are your nature goals going so far this year?

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