Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Caddisfly Nature Study

What is a caddisfly? Use this challenge to learn about a creature you may have in your local area and you just never noticed it before!

The caddisfly larvae (caddisworms) will be found in creeks, ponds, and streams.

caddisfly case

Image of a caddisfly case attribution to S. Rae


Image of Caddisfly attribution to Katja Schulz

Adult caddisflies are moth-like creatures that will be attracted to light in the evenings.

Watch this video to create some interest: Deep Look-The Amazing Underwater Tape of the Caddisfly. Note: this video has references to evolution.

The Outdoor Hour Challenge for caddisflies is a great opportunity to take a creek walk. Make sure to watch the video linked above to get an idea of what to look for while you’re exploring your creek. You’ll also want to make sure to keep your eyes out for water striders too, since they may be much easier for your children to spot on the surface of the water.

Use the archive link below to get prepared for your Outdoor Hour time and then enjoy a day at the creek!

Outdoor Hour Challenge Caddis Fly @handbookofnaturestudy

Link to the Archive Challenge: Caddisfly and Water Strider

Brook and Stream Mini Grid Study

Members here on the Handbook of Nature Study may wish to print out the Brook and Stream Nature Study notebook page in the printables library. This activity would be a great complement to your caddisfly/creek day.

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