Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Weather and First Day of Summer Ideas

I don’t know about you but I’m so very ready for the summer season! We’ve had a LONG and WET winter and spring this year and finally we’re experiencing a bit of summer temperatures. The most noticeable change is the amount of daylight. The sun is up early and it lingers in the evenings.

While you’re just starting your summer nature study planning, please consider completing this week’s Outdoor Hour Challenge and observe your weather and perhaps make a special day of activity on June 21st as we all usher in the summer season.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Summer Weather @handbookofnaturestudy

Link to the Summer Weather Challenge in the Archives: Summer Weather Study.

In addition, here are some terrific ideas for your First Day of Summer Activities.

sunflowers in our containers

First Day of Summer Flower Field Trip: Take a trip to your local garden nursery and let your child pick a plant to add to your backyard garden or patio container garden. After you plant your flower, sketch it into your nature journal along with the name of the flower and the date you planted it.


You can combine this activity with this Garden Flower Nursery Field Trip ideas and printable.

Summer Photo Challenge

First Day of Summer Photo Walk – Take a camera outdoors and find some special First Day of Summer subjects, take a photo, print out a few and safely tuck them into your nature journal. You can combine this with the Summer Photo Challenge.

First Day of Summer notebook page

First Day of Summer notebook page – After a nature walk, preferably under a shade tree, complete this notebook page for your nature journal.

Lava Butte

Are you as excited about summer as I am?

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