Outdoor Hour Challenge Summer Bird Study – Baltimore Oriole

Note: If you’re on the west coast, look for the Bullock’s oriole for your study instead. Information and a link are in the original challenge in the archive post linked below.

You can also substitute the How to Learn Bird Songs and Calls activity  linked in the original study.

The Baltimore oriole is a gorgeous bird! I’ve never seen one in person, but someday I hope to see one during my travels. This is one reason we can study birds or other nature topics we don’t expect to find in our local area. Gathering facts and knowledge ahead of time prepares us for the time we stumble upon something new or unexpected.

Click the link below to see the original challenge in the archives or if you’re a member here on the Handbook of Nature Study, you can open the Summer Nature Study Continues ebook (linked below) for the lesson, the notebook pages, and the images.

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore oriole image from Fishhawk

Would you like some fun facts about Baltimore orioles? Here’s a link to Wild Birds Unlimited: Baltimore Orioles.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Baltimore Oriole @handbookofnaturestudy

Link to the Archive Challenge: Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole nest

Baltimore oriole nest from synspectrum

Both the bird and the nest would make awesome subjects for a nature journal page. This challenge can also be all about differences in bird nests using the links in the original challenge.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Summer Nature Study Continues ebook

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