Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Bird Study

The summer season is the perfect time to take note of the birds that visit your yard. If you have a feeder or a bird bath, take a few minutes this week to sit quietly and make some observations.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Summer Bird Study

  • Who comes to eat?
  • Who comes to drink and/or bathe?
  • Who sings a song?
  • Who scratches on the ground?
  • Who lands in a tree?

Take notes and make sketches for your nature journal, recording the birds that come to visit your yard.



We’ve often noted that there are bird stories right under our noses. For instance, this week we heard a commotion in our backyard and I realized it was a raven croaking loudly. I stepped outside to observe three ravens flying around our very tall pine trees raising a ruckus. Turns out they were harassing the red-winged blackbirds who must have nestlings in the area. The blackbirds were ganging up on the ravens and chasing them away. The red-wings won this round and the ravens flew off into the distance.

Can you observe a bird story this week?

Outdoor Hour Challenge Bird Nature Study Index of Challenges @handbookofnaturestudy

If you would like to make a more formal bird study this week, identify a bird and then check the list of birds that have Outdoor Hour Challenges already in the archives. You can click the button above or visit the “bird” tab on the website. There are many birds there to learn about using the Handbook of Nature Study and other resources.

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If you have a membership, you can use the Learning About Birds ebook that is available in the Ultimate and Journey level memberships. In addition, there are many bird printables in the printable library and newsletters that also feature bird nature study ideas.

Pick one idea and complete it this week as part of your summer bird study.


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There are many more summer related nature study ideas in the three ebooks shown above. You can find them in the Ultimate Naturalist membership library.

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