Autumn Ebooks – Over 50 Ideas for Nature Study

Autumn Nature Study with the Outdoor Hour Challenge

We will soon be marking another end of the summer and beginning of autumn! For many people, this is their favorite time to be outside on nature walks and following up with a little nature study.

I have over the years written many autumn themed Outdoor Hour Challenges for families (see the listings below for the specific topics). My own boys completed every single one of them so I can say from experience that there are some awesome topics included in the 5 autumn nature study ebooks available in the Ultimate Naturalist Library.

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Autumn Nature Study Ebooks Available

1) Autumn 2009

Cattails, Autumn Tree, Goldenrod, Oaks, Pumpkins, Autumn Weather, Squirrels, Woodpeckers, Mushrooms, and Autumn Field Notebook.

2) Autumn 2010

Geese, Horses, Apples, Autumn Leaves, Queen Anne’s Lace, Trout, Salmon, Pine Cones, November World, December Mini Challenge

3) Autumn Nature Study Continues

Salvia, Teasel, Burdock, Lizards, Ash, Hemlock, Witch Hazel, Staghorn sumac, Stinkhorns, Bracket Fungi, Pigs, Constellations, Mica, Belted kingfishers, Hawks, Winter Berries

4) More Nature Study – Autumn

Leaf rollers, Pears, Milkweed, Fall webs, Fall color, Chipmunks, House sparrows, Leaf study, Thistles, Maple seeds

5) Autumn 2015

Brook, Catfish, Catbird, Chicken, Cockroach, Field horsetail, Hedgehog fungi, Jewelweed, Limestone, Marble, Prickly lettuce, Sapsuckers, Swallows, Turkey


Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Nature Study Ideas Index @handbookofnaturestudy

For a complete list of autumn season nature study topics, you can click the Autumn tab at the top of the website.


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