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Nature Planner Pages 2019 to 2020

I love my planner and I know that many of you feel the same way about yours! Planning makes our live go so much more smoothly and it keeps us from forgetting the important things, the activities that bring texture and depth to our days. Nature study is one of those precious things that I don’t want to let slip through the cracks. I have learned the hard way that if it’s not on the planner page, I’m more likely to let the week go by without getting outside and taking note of the fascinating things right outside my door.

So, I have created something to help all of us!

New this year to the memberships are monthly planner pages with lots of additional nature study ideas that you can use to enrich your nature study. These are similar to the planning pages I created for the newsletters in the past. If you’re a member at the Ultimate or Journey levels, you will receive all 12 months of planning pages in one pdf to download and print!

Outdoor Hour 19 to 20 Nature Planner Page Sample

Download a sample of the Nature Planner Pages: Outdoor Hour Challenge Nature Planner Page Sample

Use these planning pages to organize and inspire your family’s nature study this school year. I have included many nature study ideas in addition to the scheduled Outdoor Hour Challenges from the ebooks in the Member’s Library. There are activities, nature journal ideas, nature photo ideas, inspirational quotes, nature table suggestions, year-long study ideas, and reminders for various seasonal nature study activities.

These planner pages can be printed out for the parent or for an older student to use on their own. I have also not dated the planners with a year so you can use these pages over and over in the years to come. You can use the specific Outdoor Hour Challenge listed on the planner page or the more general topic listed after it.

A lot of thought has been put into making these pages useful and helpful in keeping nature study a regular activity for families. They were not designed to make you feel like you have to do all the things listed but rather to give you choices and flexibility in what you do during each month to keep nature study a vital part of your homeschooling experience.

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If you are not a Member here on the Handbook of Nature Study yet, you can join now and get this printable nature planner now. Plus, with your Ultimate Naturalist Membership you will have access to all of the ebooks, newsletters, and printables in the Library! See the graphic below for all of the benefits.

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  1. Leslie Druschel says:

    Hi, Barb. Excited about the planning pages, but I can’t find where to access them. I’m a Journey member. Can you help?

    • Barb McCoy says:

      Log into your account, look at the top of the library and there should be the plans and then the planner pages to download. :)

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