Our Summer Willow Observations

Outdoor Hour Challenge summer willow study

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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Summer Willow Study


Summer willow string

It’s looking a bit ragged but we can still find our string tagging our willow that we’ve been watching for almost a year now. It’s behind our house along the river. Right now it has lots of leaves, the limbs are growing from the base, and it’s so densely leaved that we can’t see around it.

summer willow

The ground around the willow is dry and it looks as if someone has been laying under it in the shade. Perhaps a cow or a deer has decided to rest under the willow, sheltered from the sun and predators. Further down the river, the beavers are already at work gnawing the limbs from the willows nearer to the water.

summer willow

We took a close look at the leaves and observed the red insect galls that are on some of them. Fascinating! The leaves on our willow were still primarily green but I did notice that most of the willows down river are taking on a golden hue, making me think that autumn must be coming quickly here in Central Oregon.

summer willow

For now, we will enjoy the last days of summer and our cherished willows along our stretch of the river. Time will keep slipping into a new season but now we know our willows a little better. We appreciate their place in the habitat and in our life.

summer willow

We’re contemplating a new tree to follow through the next four seasons. Maybe our aspen tree will get a closer look starting this autumn.

Look for my nature journal entry featuring the summer willow in my Nature Observer post coming to the blog soon.

Outdoor Hour Challenge summer willow study

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