Nature Observer – September 2019

What a busy month of nature study for us! We’ve been trying to fit in as many hikes as we can before the weather makes it hard to get outside. I created a list at the beginning of the summer with potential hikes we could make within 30 miles of our house and we’ve been crossing them off one by one. We won’t finish the list this year, but I feel very good about making time to see a lot of the beauty we have in our local area. This is why we moved here in the first place! We don’t often feel the need to take a vacation because we live in a vacationer’s paradise.

Nature Journal Page with hike list

None of the hikes have been very strenuous but that’s because I am just now feeling like I’m strong enough to tackle a tougher hike. This summer was about building my strength in my legs and hips after my bilateral hip replacement surgery. It has taken awhile but I love being able to hike pain free!

Todd Lake

We discovered a magical place that has everything you would want in an easy hike: trail around a gorgeous lake, view of two mountain peaks, wildflowers, tall trees, fish and frogs, babbling creeks, an abundance of birds. Todd Lake is not far from Bend, Oregon and our home so we made three visits over the last few months. I was sort of sad on our last visit because I know soon the road will be closed by snow and we won’t be able to get there until the spring thaw. I will dream of it on the long winter days.

Jays at todd lake

I know that if we hadn’t made the list of places to explore at the beginning of the summer, we may have missed getting to know this place. The value of thinking and planning ahead for your nature study can’t be stressed enough.

Now to make a new list for next summer!

flower collage september 201

Here is a collage of both wildflowers and garden flowers from my September photos.

fungi collage september 2019

Look at all these fungi! I’ve seen so many in my September travels and I will be pulling out my field guide to try to identify them for my nature journal. Amazing!

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