Outdoor Hour Challenge: Belted Kingfisher – Bird Study

Whether it’s a lake, a pond, or a river, autumn is a perfect time to be outside looking for birds. The changes in the landscape will start to be noted by your family as you walk along the water’s edge. Keep your eyes open for any birds you see during your Outdoor Hour time. Listen for the belted kingfisher.

”The note of the kingfisher is a loud rattle, not especially pleasant close at hand, but not unmusical at a little distance.” Handbook of Nature Study

The information in the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock will prepare you for learning more about the belted kingfisher, a dazzlingly pretty bird. On a hike this summer, our family had a chance to see and hear two kingfishers as they flew by us along the river. It was exciting and now a treasured memory.

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Outdoor Hour Challenge –Belted Kingfisher Nature Study (from the Autumn Nature Study Continues ebook)

Belted Kingfisher Bird Nature Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Look for kingfishers sitting on branches near or overhanging the water. They sit there watching for their next meal of fish.

Remember, the alternate nature study this week is to look for and then learn about any birds you see near the water. Keep it simple and enjoy your time outside with your children.

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