Outdoor Hour Challenge – Autumn Witch Hazel Study

What a treat it is to study such an interesting plant this week! You need to make sure to read the lesson suggestions in the Handbook of Nature Study in order to know how to gather twigs with buds for your witch hazel study.

With just a little effort, your family is going to learn so much from this nature study lesson.  Make sure to take a nature walk this week looking at any interesting trees or shrubs you have in your yard or neighborhood. Look for autumn color, autumn seeds, and autumn weather!

Witch Hazel Nature Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Use this link to the challenges in the archives:

Outdoor Hour Challenge – Witch Hazel Study (from the Autumn Nature Study Continues ebook)

If you would like an alternate study, make sure you check out the Berry and Shrub Notebook Page Set in the Member’s Library. There are quite a few topics you can choose from if you don’t have a witch hazel to study.

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This challenge is found in the Autumn Nature Study Continues ebook found in the Ultimate and Journey level memberships here on the Handbook of Nature Study. You can print the notebooking pages and the coloring page included in the ebook to supplement your nature study this week.

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