Great Backyard Bird Count 2020-Resources and Printables

What? The Great Backyard Bird Count
When? February 14-17, 2020.
Who? Anyone around the world!
How? Count birds in your yard and at your feeders. Report the data to the Great Backyard Bird Count.


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Great Backyard Bird Count

Video: Great Backyard Bird Count

Get prepared with printable checklists for your area…by zip code or town name.

Our family is going to be counting and I’ll share our results here on the blog soon!


>>>>>Here is our bird list results from 2019: Great Backyard Bird Count Results 2019

Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter January 2016 @handbookofnaturestudy button

Additional Resource: Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter from January 2016.

If you’re a member here on the Handbook of Nature Study, you have access to the archives of newsletters, including the one noted above. I invite you to download this edition that features bird nature study ideas.


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Top Ten Birds Reported in the Great Backyard Bird Count=

Great Place to Start for Beginners

1. Northern Cardinal

2. Mourning Dove

3. Dark Eyed Junco

4. Downy Woodpecker

5. American Crow

6. House Finch

7. American Goldfinch

8. Blue Jay

9. Black Capped Chickadee

10. Tufted Titmouse

 This is a great beginner’s list of birds to know and be able to identify. Use the links above to take a peek at these common birds that may be visitors to your neighborhood. Make sure to scroll down to the “similar species” section for each bird and that will give you additional birds to look for if you don’t have that particular bird in your neighborhood. Also, reading the “Backyard Tips” and “Find This Bird” sections will give you some clues and hints for actually viewing this bird in person.

If you want to start keeping a list of birds you observe, you may wish to visit this entry on:

10 Ideas for a Bird Life List.

Download and save the Cornell Feeder Bird coloring book. This book has many of the most common birds you will see in your backyard and it makes a perfect complement to your family’s bird nature study.

Nature Book Club Egg and Nest Study @handbookofnaturestudy

I wrote about the book Birds, Nests, and Eggs as part of the Nature Book Club. You may wish to click over and read that entry and use the printables available in that entry for additional study.

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