Wildflowers – Charlotte Mason’s Simple Ideas

Charlotte Mason – Simple Nature Study Ideas for Wildflowers

The ideas for this post have been taken from Volume One of Charlotte Mason’s homeschooling series. These timeless ideas are as relevant today as when they were written and I’m forever grateful for the encouragement it gave me when I was a new homeschooler.

My children benefited from Miss Mason’s simple and consistent approach to learning. We didn’t waste time learning things for a test, but were encouraged to explore and observe the natural world right outside our doorstep.

I would like to offer you the road map to learning about wildflowers in a “Charlotte Mason” way by giving you a short list that summarizes her ideas found in Volume One on page 51 under the subheading of “Flowers and Trees”.

Elements of a Grand Nature Study Wildflowers handbookofnaturestudy

Elements of a Grand Nature Study of Wildflowers

Your child should be able to:

  1. Describe the shape, size, and placement of the leaves.
  2. Note whether there is a single blossom or a head of flowers.
  3. Observe the flower and its habitat so well that it can be recognized in any location in the future.
  4. Use a field guide to learn about the wildflower (with help from a parent if needed).
  5. Collect, press, and make a record of the flower’s habitat and location. ***
  6. Optional: Make a watercolor of the flower or the whole plant.

*** It’s important to note that we shouldn’t be picking flowers in great numbers. Many wildflowers do not last long once picked and therefore are wasted if not going straight into a flower press. Here is Anna Botsford Comstock’s advice on picking wildflowers from the Handbook of Nature Study:

“Some flowers are so abundant that they can be picked in moderation if the roots are not disturbed, if plenty of flowers are left for seed, and if the plant itself is not taken with the flower….Everyone should have the privilege of enjoying the natural beauty of the countryside. Such enjoyment is impossible if a relatively small number of people insist upon picking and destroying native plants for their own selfish interests.” HNS page 460

California poppies wildflowers

If you’d like help in getting started with a wildflower study, I have a very thorough post with some ideas for your family.

Handbook of Nature Study Nature Book Club Wildflowers

Wildflowers to Love!

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