Planting Bulbs in the Autumn

This year I have had my eye on the calendar watching for the time to plant some bulbs that will overwinter and then sprout next spring. We don’t have many opportunities for spring color here because our spring comes late in the year and doesn’t last very long. We also don’t have many flowering trees like we did in California. So, in my attempt to create a three seasons yard of color, I am going to plant some test bulbs this year and see what results I get.

My attitude: I’m not investing a lot of money and I will be happy with whatever happens.

daffodil spring bulb yellow orange

I am dreaming of colorful spring daffodils.

I have a very short list of bulbs I’m planting:

  • Daffodils
  • Grape Hyacinths
  • Snow Crocus
grape hyacinth bulb spring

I am going to tuck these all around my rock berms.

Planting+Bulbs+@handbookofnaturestudy.jpgI have an entry in my archives that talks about the mechanics of planting bulbs in the autumn that I think is still very relevant.

Planting Bulbs

Although my landscape is very different, the process will be the same. I will of course update you in the spring once I see how the bulbs make it through the winter. I know I will be imagining them resting and waiting under the ground until then!


early spring bulbs sprouting

I will be anxious to see this happening in about six months….positive thoughts!

I purchased my bulbs from American Meadows online.

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