Astronomy Learning Styles: Nature Study at Night

Nature study is most successful when you allow your children to make connections that are meaningful and fit their style of learning. I invite you to think about the ways you can adapt a night sky study to embrace the ways your child learns the best.

“When I say that life should be full of living, I mean that we should be in touch and able to relate with some genuine interest no matter where we are, what we hear, or what we see. This kind of interest isn’t something we give to children…. The question isn’t how much a student knows after he’s completed his education, but how much he cares, and how many categories of things he cares about.” Charlotte Mason

Astronomy Learning Styles printable

I’ve prepared a helpful printable for you to download that shares some ideas for night sky study by learning style. No one fits neatly into one category so consider combining suggested activities from several sections.

Download the Printable: Astronomy Study by Learning Styles.

With just a little preparation, you can get your family started with meaningful and fun night time nature study.

Look for the upcoming Outdoor Hour Challenge for the constellation Orion that will post this next Friday.

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