Outdoor Hour Challenge: Feldspar Nature Study

This week, using the links in the challenge, you’ll be introduced to feldspar. This isn’t a common nature study topic, but feldspar is a rather common rock-forming mineral that we can learn a little about using the Handbook of Nature Study.

You may decide this is a study that perhaps your older or more advanced students may wish to complete. If you have younger students or don’t have a specimen of feldspar to observe, see the alternate activity linked below for a more general rock nature study.

Here’s a quick overview of feldspar:

  • Feldspar, which means field stone, names a group of minerals that are much alike.
  • Feldspar is always a part of granite and other igneous rocks.
  • The most common colors are white or gray, pale pink or pale yellow, but feldspar may also be olive green or brown.
  • All feldspars are made of aluminum, silicon and oxygen.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Feldspar Rock Study 2 @handbookofnaturestudy

View the original challenge here: Outdoor Hour Challenge – Feldspar Rock Study.

I would love for you to be encouraged in your rock study by this entry I wrote a few months ago: Teaching the “Hard” Nature Study Subjects – Rock Study. In my experience, I find this to be one of the more challenging nature subjects. But, the ability to take it slow and learn alongside your children can make this less intimidating.

felldspar notebook 1

If you have access to the Winter Nature Study Continues ebook, there is a notebook page for you to print and use for your nature journal.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Winter Nature Study Continues ebook

Rock Study Up close Notebook page

Alternate Study: Here’s an alternate to the feldspar study linked in the Outdoor Hour Challenge this week. If you click over to the Rock Study Grid activity, you can print a notebook page activity to use with other rocks you may already have in your collection.

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