Once a Month Nature Journal Project Out My Window – From the Archives

Once a Month Nature Journal Project

Out My Window – From the Archives

I spend a fair amount of time looking out my window each day once the temperatures drop and the ground is covered in snow and/or ice. Making this a habit has helped me learn that there is usually something of interest going on outside if I just take a few minutes to slow down and observe carefully.

From the original post:

“This month try to create at least one nature journal that features something you see out your window. Pull up a chair and get comfortable, noting something of interest that catches your attention. It could be the clouds, the bare branches of a tree, the birds in your feeder, or the landscape view from your window.”

Nature Journal Out Your Window @handbookofnaturestudyHere are a few ideas for nature journal pages you can create after looking out your window:

  • Weather Study
  • Bird Count (remember the Great Backyard Bird Count is coming)
  • My Favorite View
  • Living Things in My Yard
  • Squirrel Watch (notebook page in Member’s Library)

Any of these ideas are appropriate for any season!

Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter February 2015 Nature Study in Winter coverThere is also a notebook page included with the February 2015 newsletter with the theme: Nature From My Window. This makes it super easy to create a nature journal that incorporates a view from your window.

Nature Study Out the Window printable

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Complete list of all the Once a Month Nature Journal Project Ideas

Getting Started with Nature Journals

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