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Bird’s Nests and Eggs

The weekly Outdoor Hour Challenges for the month of April 2021 all focus on birds. This is one of my favorite areas to share with you because I’m so passionate about my own continued learning about birds in my world.

flicker nesting box march 2021

Spring is the time for birds to nest and currently we have nesting boxes up for a variety of birds: bluebirds, swallows, flickers, chickadees, and new to us is a robin’s nesting platform.  Every bird has its own unique nest and as we learn about birds, take time to look up and learn about their nest and eggs.

Bird Egg Nature Study notebook page.pubMy Nest StudyBird Study

Currently in the Member’s printable library, there are several notebooking pages to use to record information about birds and their nests and eggs.

  • My Nest Study
  • Bird Study with Nest and Egg
  • Bird Egg Study

Nature Book Club Egg and Nest Study @handbookofnaturestudy

In addition, you may wish to read this post from my archives about Birds, Eggs, and Nests. In this entry, you’ll find my favorite resources to use along with the notebook pages listed above.

I hope you find the notebook pages and the archive entry helpful to use this month alongside the Outdoor Hour Challenge.


Bird Set ebook cover image

Birds included in this ebook include the pelican, sandhill crane, Clark’s nutcracker, egret, American dipper, horned lark, magpie, swan, and snipe.

Download a sample of the book here: Bird Nature Study Set #1 Sample

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