Once a Month Nature Journal Project Collections – From the Archives

Once a Month Nature Journal Project

Collections – From the Archives

Looking back through my nature journals, I enjoy seeing little bits and bobs that I’ve collected during my outdoor adventures. I don’t often include natural items like flowers, leaves, or seeds on my pages, but they do create pages that are wonderful reminders of our adventures and discoveries.

Nature Collection journal page

Special note: I’ve often used transparent tape to seal an object onto a nature journal page. If you use tape that doesn’t yellow, it actually works quite well and stays in place for a period of time. 

Nature Journal Page Ideas:

  1. Collect something to adhere directly to the page like a leaf, needle, seed, or flower.
  2. Press an item in a flower press and then adhere that to your page. Here is a video I created with instructions: How to Make a Plant Press.
  3. Create an envelope to hold an item from your nature walk.
  4. Create a pocket to hold an item.
  5. Laminate an item.
  6. Preserve an item in wax paper to adhere to your page. See this entry for instruction: How to Make a Waxed Paper Pouch.

Once a Month Nature Journal Collection @handbookofnaturestudy

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Once a Month Nature Journal Project @handbookofnaturestudy

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Getting Started with Nature Journals

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