Brand New! Outdoor Hour Challenge:American Dipper Nature Study

Brand New! Outdoor Hour Challenge

American Dipper Nature Study

This week’s bird is one that’s on my personal wish list. I hope to see a dipper in person at some point in my adventures. After completing the nature study for the American dipper, you’ll be prepared to see one too!

Read all about the American dipper on AllAboutBirds: American Dipper.

Outdoor Hour Challenge american dipper

Below you’ll find a few ideas for a dipper study. Make sure to download and use the complete Outdoor Hour Challenge from the Bird Set #1 ebook available in the member’s library.

Here are a few study ideas for you to get started:

  • Choose a resource to use for the American dipper, Cinclus mexicanus. 
  • Make sure to look at the range maps in a field guide or on All About Birds to determine if you live in their range and habitat.
  • Here’s an excellent video to watch: American Dipper.
  • Their diet is mostly aquatic insects and their larvae, dragonflies, small fish, worms, and fish eggs.

Please note that I will not be posting the complete challenge here on the blog, but you will find the detailed challenge in the Bird Nature Study Set #1 ebook that’s available both in the Ultimate Naturalist and Journey level memberships. Sign into your account and download the ebook for the details, more links, and notebook page.

 Bird Set ebook cover image

Birds included in this ebook include the pelican, sandhill crane, Clark’s nutcracker, egret, American dipper, horned lark, magpie, swan, and snipe.

Download a sample of the book here: Bird Nature Study Set #1 Sample

To purchase an Ultimate Naturalist Library membership, click on over to the Join Us page at any time.

Learning About Birds 3D cover

You may wish to also download and use the Learning About Birds ebook available in the Ultimate Naturalist Library.

Learning About Birds ebook Bird List @handbookofnaturestudy


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