BarbYosemite2Welcome! My name is Barb McCoy and I am an ex-homeschooling mom of four. All four of my children have graduated from high school.

We started this blog to share our adventures using the Handbook of Nature Study with other families and it has developed into a community of nature study lovers.

We enjoy an outdoor life as a family as often as we can and each of the children have developed their own ways to create adventures in the wilderness whether it is hiking in the Sierra, mountain biking in Northern California, or trekking in South America.
Each week I post an Outdoor Hour Challenge for families to complete as they have time. I suggest pages to read in the Handbook of Nature Study and then some simple suggestions for you to complete in a few minutes outdoors with your children. All of the previous Outdoor Hour Challenges are listed on the sidebar of this blog. You are welcome to use them in any order that you wish and at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Image8My Passion, Your Advantage!
I have written 21 ebooks compiling the Outdoor Hour Challenges and I hope you take some time to consider using these ebooks in your family as a simple way to get started with nature study.

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