Updated: April 3, 2015

Here on this blog I write nothing but my complete and honest opinion. I am trying to note when I have used affiliate links but in case I don’t….please know that I only link to and mention products and websites I use and/or love.

Here is a short list of companies I am an affiliate for:

  • Amazon.com – I regularly link to Amazon products here on the Handbook of Nature Study.
  • NotebookingPages.com – I have many links to this amazing product and I am a partner and affiliate with this wonderful company after using her products for many, many years.
  • Mom’s Tool Belt – I am an affiliate for this calendar and planner product.
  • Misc Companies that I have worked for in the past as an affiliate and there may be an occasional link in my older posts for the following: Classical Copywork, Tapestry of Grace, Homeschool Tracker, Southern Hodgepodge, CurrClick, Playful Learning, SQUILT, and Bright Ideas Press.

I occasionally receive products at no cost for review and I note those in the individual entries. I receive no other compensation for the reviews and give only my clear and honest opinions. This year I have received free seeds from Renee’s Garden to use and review here on the blog.