Frequent Questions & Answers

Where can I get the second edition of the Getting Started with the Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook?

Every level of membership (Ultimate, Journey, and Discovery) includes the latest edition of the ebook (February 2018).

Getting Started Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook

What are the current plans for nature study for September 2020 through August 2021?


2020 to 2021 plan graphic with ebook covers2


Which edition of the Handbook of Nature Study do you use?

Can I purchase the ebooks separately?
At this time you cannot purchase the Outdoor Hour Challenge ebooks separately. Just remember that with your Ultimate Naturalist Library membership you will get EVERY ebook available on the Handbook of Nature Study for a value of over $200 PLUS the value of any new ebooks that will be released during your membership year.
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Download a sample newsletter here: Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter April 2015 Nature Journal Fun
What does the Ultimate Membership include?
The Ultimate Membership includes all 26 ebooks listed on the library page, all 76 issues of the archived newsletters in their original format, and ALL new items to be added in the next year.
What are the new items scheduled to be released during the year (September 2020-August 2021)?

You can read the entry outlining the new ebooks to be created in the next year here: 2020-2021 Plans for the Outdoor Hour Challenge. 

Plus, I create 2-3 printables to add to the member’s library every month. You can print out the current list by clicking the graphic below.

Printables for Members Button

Are there samples for me to look at?

Yes, you will need to click each ebook cover found on the Join Us page. Skim the ebook description page to find where there is a link for you to download the sample.

When does my year’s membership begin and end?

Your year long membership starts the day you purchase your membership and continues for the next twelve months.

Will I have access to all the ebooks after my membership ends?
No, you will need to download and save to your personal computer the ebooks during your membership period.

Can I purchase a membership to the Ultimate Naturalist Library this year and then purchase the Journey level next year?

I just need the back issues of the monthly newsletters. Where can I get those?
Every level of membership to the Ultimate Naturalist Library, including the Journey and Discovery levels, includes the archived newsletters.

Where do I see a list of the ebooks available in the Ultimate Naturalist Library?
You can visit the Join Us page for a complete explanation of the ebooks included in the Ultimate Naturalist Library.

Are the challenges on the blog different from the challenges in the ebooks?
Each Friday I post a nature study challenge on the blog featuring a topic from the Handbook of Nature Study. Those challenges are directly from the ebooks and are gathered together for convenience. The notebooking pages, coloring pages, and color images are included in the ebooks as an additional bonus.

How do I find a nature study topic here on the website?

  • Specific topics of nature study can be found by clicking the appropriate category on the navigation bars at the top of the website. Topics can be found either by category or by season, sometimes both.
  • For example: If you want to study a particular bird, click the “birds” tab. This will bring up every bird challenge and activity that we have studied here on the blog. Click the link you want and it will take you to the challenge with suggested activities, links, videos, and possibly a printable. If the challenge is part of an ebook series, it will be noted in parenthesis. If you have access to the ebook with your membership, you will also have the corresponding notebook page to print to use in your follow-up nature journal.

Can I get a refund?
No. At this time, I am not processing refunds. There are plenty of samples for each ebook out there so there should not be much of a surprise once you purchase your membership. I am happy to answer any questions about the memberships BEFORE you purchase. I want you to be happy with your membership and I will explain anything that isn’t clear up front.

Please let me know if you have trouble accessing your membership or you have trouble downloading the files. I would love to help you with those issues if you email me at: [email protected]

Can I print the ebooks for my family?
Yes, you are welcome to download and print the ebooks for your family’s use, making multiple copies of the notebooking pages for each member.

Can I use the notebook pages for all the children in my nature co-op?
My copyright allows you to share individual notebook pages with a co-op nature group, much like a teacher would share her worksheets with students. But, the copyright does not allow you to print or share complete books with all the families in your group. If they want access to the ebooks, they would need to purchase their own membership.

Do I need to print the ebook?
No, you can work right from your computer, iPad, or Kindle for each lesson. You will need to print the notebooking pages if your family desires to complete them for their nature journal.

I am new to the Outdoor Hour Challenge, can I try the Discovery or Journey level of membership and then upgrade?
YES! If you purchase the Discovery or Journey level membership and then decide you want to upgrade to the Ultimate Naturalist Library, contact me directly and we will set that up for you.

Getting Started FAQ Button

I want to receive your monthly newsletter. Where can I subscribe?

  • I no longer am writing a monthly newsletter (as of September 1, 2017). I am going to be focusing on creating exciting and helpful blog entries here on the Handbook of Nature Study blog instead. Please subscribe to my blog to receive those entries as they are posted. You will need to go to the Handbook of Nature Study, look to the top right corner for the box to type in your preferred email address, and then confirm the email that comes to your email inbox.

I don’t want to purchase anything. Can I still follow along?
Yes, of course. You can subscribe to my blog and receive every blog entry for continued nature study encouragement. There will be challenges posted each Friday that you can use for free.

“I haven’t visited your website in a long time, what happened here on the Handbook of Nature Study?”
I have been creating, sharing, and selling ebooks as part of the Outdoor Hour Challenge for many years. The library of challenges and ebooks had grown to such a size that it was becoming hard to navigate and use easily, especially for newcomers. The decision to create a membership site was a BIG decision and not taken lightly.

Creating the Ultimate Naturalist Library and then offering it as a membership access site was the most efficient and reasonably priced way of allowing access to a lot of great nature study resources for families. This level of membership is perfect for the family that is getting started with nature study, wants a lot of choices, needs the archived newsletters, and would like all the new releases during the year. I always like having all the challenges at my fingertips so I can pull one as the topics present themselves during our nature study time.

I realize that there is a core group of OHC families that have made purchases in the past so the Journey level of membership is perfect to keep your nature study journey rolling. You have access to the Getting Started ebook, new challenges, and the archived newsletters (just in case you missed some along the way).

There are some new faces here at the OHC as well so the Discovery level of membership is a perfect way to get your feet wet with the Getting Started ebook, the new challenges, and the archived library of newsletters.