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Are you interested in more information about the Outdoor Hour Challenges? Are you looking for the Outdoor Hour Challenge Getting Started ebook?

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Getting Started Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook



It is a quiet revolution going on in families all over the country. Children are spending more time outdoors with their families as they explore their own backyards and neighborhoods. The Outdoor Hour Challenges have provided the needed push for more people to get outside and spend just a few minutes each week learning about the plants and animals they encounter as they venture out their own back doors.

The Outdoor Hour Challenges have become a favorite activity among homeschoolers and now with the ease of having the first ten challenges gathered into one convenient eBook, more families can enjoy the benefits of nature study each week with their children. The challenges encourage each family to spend fifteen to twenty minutes each week focusing on nature study close to home in their own backyards, neighborhoods, or local parks. No fancy equipment is necessary and the challenges help families make the small steps needed to get started. Families from all over the world are participating and learning just how many benefits there are to sharing in nature study.

If you haven’t started with the challenges yet or you would like to have the very first ten challenges in one easy to use eBook format, you can now purchase them along with some exciting new features. This ebook is available in every level of membership here on the Handbook of Nature Study.

Here is what you get with this eBook.

  • The first ten Outdoor Hour Challenges simply explained and illustrated.
  • Examples from my own family that I have shared on the blog, grouped with the appropriate challenge.
  • Links to the Challenges on the Handbook of Nature Study Blog.
  • A notebook page specifically designed for each challenge as well as twelve more generic pages to use with any nature study.
  • Lots of photos and examples from our nature journals.
  • Additional materials and resources in the Appendix.
  • Links to various types of nature study information that will help you complete the challenges.
  • Suggestions for field guides to use with beginners.
  • Tips and ideas from the Handbook of Nature Study blog.
  • You can see a sample:  Getting Started with the Outdoor Hour Challenge 2nd Edition
  • You may wish to read this page: Outdoor Hour Challenge: Fitting the Challenges to Our Family.

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