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We are eagerly anticipating the spring season here in Central Oregon. In the meantime, we will plan our spring cattail nature study and keep our eyes out for the opportunity to study them soon!

If you have a near-by park that has a pond or little stream, look for cattails along the bank. Here are a few suggestions from the original challenge linked above:

  • Make sure to encourage your child to sketch the cattail leaves.
  • Try to include a little of the habitat that your cattails are growing in during this season.
  • Include in your sketch any insects, birds, or animals that you observed near your cattails during your outdoor time.


Spring Cattail Observation notebook pageIf you’re a member here on the Handbook of Nature Study, there’s a notebook page you can use to record your spring cattail nature study observations listed in the printables section of your membership.


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Our Spring Bird – Not Quite Yet

Posting the spring bird challenge a few weeks ago, I knew in my heart that I would have to wait a month or even two months before I could accomplish a true spring bird nature study. But, it has put it on my on plan for future nature study experiences.

We have not spotted one spring bird. In fact, our Great Backyard Bird Count was the smallest count we have ever recorded in the many years we have been tallying birds for the project.

Great Backyard Bird Count List for 2019

La Pine, Oregon

  • Hairy woodpecker -2
  • Northern flicker -2
  • Mountain chickadee – 5
  • Pygmy nuthatch -7
  • House finch -1

That’s it. Hardly a spectacular count here at my location in Central Oregon. We had snow on the ground and a high temperature of 35 degrees for the Bird Count weekend. Even for us this was a fraction of the usual birds we see at our feeders on any given weekend.

As far as new birds to learn about, none so far this season. I will keep watching and hopefully just like last year I will be surprised by a new species to add to my list. (Last year it was the Wilson’s snipe!)

If you would like to read the original challenge for a spring bird nature study, here is the link: Outdoor Hour Challenge – Spring Bird.



New Printables for Members – March 2019

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New Notebook Pages: Spring Willow Study and Spring Cattail Study

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Spring Willow Study: Use this simple notebook page to record your spring willow observations of the bud and catkin. 

Spring Cattail Study: Here is a new page for you to use after you make your spring cattail observations.

Note: If you have any subjects you would like me to create nature notebook pages for, please let me know in a comment here on the blog or in an email: [email protected]


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