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Winter Nature Study with the Outdoor Hour Challenge

The first day of winter is coming upon us quickly! As I look out my window at the snowy landscape and the snow softly falling in my yard, it looks like winter here in Central Oregon.

The Ultimate Naturalist Library has four winter themed ebooks with forty Outdoor Hour Challenges for your family to use for winter nature study inspiration. Most of the challenges can be adapted to fit your circumstances and many of the topics are covered in the Handbook of Nature Study. The ebooks have simple follow up activities and nature journal ideas to complement the winter nature study ideas.

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If you’re new to the Outdoor Hour Challenge, you can find all four of the ebooks in the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership. (See below for a discount code to use with your purchase!)

I’ll list the winter themed ebooks below and if you want to click over to see the specific topics covered, you can easily do that by clicking the book title.

Winter Nature Study Ebooks Available

Outdoor Hour Challenge Winter Nature Study Ideas Index @handbookofnaturestudy

For a complete list of winter season nature study topics, you can click the winter tab at the top of the website.


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If you’d like to have access to all of the winter ebooks, you’ll find them in the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership.

In addition to the winter books, there are 19 additional nature study ebooks in this membership.

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Outdoor Hour Challenge -Autumn Constellation Study

For this challenge, pick a clear evening to go out and look at the night sky. Bundle up and realize that it will probably be a quick look at the stars unless you have a very motivated student. Do the preparation work beforehand so you’ll have a particular constellation in mind. Keep it fun and aim to introduce the idea of nighttime nature study to your family.

Run back inside and have some hot cocoa and talk about what you saw during your Outdoor Hour time.

Use this link to the challenges in the archives:

Outdoor Hour Challenge – Fall Constellation Study (from the Autumn Nature Study Continues ebook)

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This challenge is part of the Autumn Nature Study Continues ebook, found in the Ultimate and Journey level memberships here on the Handbook of Nature Study. You can print the notebooking pages and the coloring page included in the ebook to supplement your nature study this week.

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Outdoor Hour Challenge: January through August 2020 Plans

If you haven’t joined us for our weekly nature study yet this year, it’s not too late to jump in with the rest of the year’s plan!

We’ll be starting a new series of nature study lessons from the Forest Fun ebook on January 17, 2020.

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Topics will include: bear, porcupine, raven, skunk cabbage, California quail, moose, rabbitbrush, azalea, and Western tanager.

I’m super excited to be offering these topics that are not covered in the Handbook of Nature Study, but are subjects that many of us observe during our nature study outings and during our vacations.

After we finish up the Forest Fun ebook, we’ll move on to another completely new (soon to be published) ebook that features topics from the High Desert.

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Topics include: mountain lion, coyote, elk, pocket gopher, golden mantled ground squirrel, river otter, sagebrush, bitterbrush, snowberry, succulents, greater sage grouse, turkey vulture, juniper tree, and the bristlecone pine.

Creepy Thing Ebook Cover image

Our year will finish off with the Creepy Things series of nature study topics. This newly released ebook includes fascinating studies of the banana slug, tarantula, black widow, scorpion, leech, muskrat, sphinx moth, cicada, millipede, and poison oak.

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I’m inviting you to join us as members here on the Handbook of Nature Study which will give you access to all of these brand new nature study topics in addition to the archives of past ebooks, newsletters, nature planner pages, and growing list of printables available.

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Use the discount code NATURE5 when you purchase your Ultimate Naturalist membership and you’ll receive $5 off your purchase.

Your membership will start the date of purchase and will be valid for one complete year from that time. This will include all of the upcoming ebooks and monthly printables released during that 12 month period.

I hope you are going to join us for nature study!