Autumn Flowers


September Nature Planning Page Activity

What a crash into autumn we’ve had around here! It felt like one day was summer and then the autumn chill hit overnight. I’m not exaggerating even a little. The temperature was at freezing, we had thunderstorms with hail, and the rain just keeps coming.

sunflowers in a vase

But….we still have flowers to cheer us up. I’ve been cutting flowers for vases to keep the appearance that it is technically still summer for a few more days. We have sunflowers and coneflowers and a few random daisies. Our summer vision of a garden filled with colorful flowers became a reality. Now we are already dreaming and planning for next summer.

Outdoor Hour 19 to 20 Nature Planner Page Sample

If you look at your September nature study planning page, you’ll see in the bottom left corner, a list of the suggested autumn flowers to observe. We were able to look at yarrow, goldenrod, and mullein.

mullein woodpecker bird wildflower august 2019

We leave a few wild mullein plants in our landscaping because I really love them. I love the big soft leaves, the tall flower spike, and the way they attract insects and birds. We have actually observed hummingbirds and woodpeckers landing on the mullein. After it finishes flowering, I will pull it out. There are first year mullein plants (leaves only) in a variety of areas that will flower next year and I will be eagerly anticipating the flower visitors that will come next summer.

paprika yarrow flowers garden

We have three colors of yarrow in our yard. The native yarrow is white; the cultivated yarrow that we bought at the nursery is a bright yellow or a bright red. The red one is actually called “paprika” which makes me smile every time I think about its bright and cheery blooms. We don’t have to work hard at growing yarrow here in Central Oregon, it seems to be created to live in our harsh environment.

We have a patch of goldenrod in our front landscaping. It really isn’t in a desirable location but I’m actually afraid to try to move it. The minute it gets wet from our sprinklers, it lays down flat. I still like seeing it on my way to the front door but it would be better to have it where it didn’t get sprayed down every morning.

black eyed susan garden flower

Did you get out to look for any of the autumn flowers from the planning page? It isn’t too late to get outside and make some observations of your own with your family. If you don’t have any of the flowers in your area, look for anything colorful. I should have put black eyed susans on the list! I’ve seen quite a few gardens in my neighborhood that are still filled with these happy yellow flowers.  We have some growing in our “wildflower meadow”. I’ll have to write about that project in an upcoming blog entry.

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Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Teasel Study


“Let us study this plant in armor: First, its stem is tough, woody, hollow, with ridges extending its full length and each ridge armed with spines which are quite wide at the base and very sharp. It is impossible to take hold anywhere without begin pricked by either large or small spines.” – Anna Botsford Comstock

teasel july 2019

I have a special liking for this fairly unlikable plant. It just seems so tough and determined to survive, yet it has delicate purple flowers that begin blossoming at the middle of the flower-head and then the flowers spread in both ways, up and down. The narrative in the lesson found in the Handbook of Nature Study will give you lots of ideas for learning more about this unique plant with the unique blooming pattern.

Use this link to the challenge in the archives:

Outdoor Hour Challenge – Autumn Teasel Study (from the Autumn Nature Study Continues ebook)

Teasel Nature Study @handbookofnaturestudy

Go on a teasel hunt this week or take a closer look at any wildflower or weed you find during your Outdoor Hour time. Can you find another plant that has prickles or spines or thorns?

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I’m sharing a gem from my archives that gives you a little inspiration for a follow-up nature journal that keeps things simple and achievable. A blank page can be intimidating but with the formula outlined in the printable, you’ll soon be sketching and recording your nature experiences with ease.

Anatomy of a Nature Journal Page

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Anatomy of a Nature Journal Page

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Getting Started with Nature Journals

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